Damaged Commercial Window Replacement The recent job at a commercial shopping centre posed a challenge or two. What is probably not appreciated by the general public is that with some, usually large commercial windows, there are two potentially dangerous phases: the removal of the damaged glass (possibly the most dangerous phase) and the lifting and […]

Board-up - Forklift Plate Glass Accident

The Battle of the Forklift and the 12mm thick Plate Glass Display Window The smart money was on the forklift’s survival. The die-hard gamblers had their money on the window – a 300Kg monster of a thing – which looked tough; their odds were better. What they didn’t know, though, was that this massive window […]

Damaged Shop Window

Smash and Grab It seems that the displays in some retail shop windows are just too tempting for some people, and that they have an irresistible urge to ‘shop’ after hours when the shop is clearly closed. Undeterred, they will smash the window and take what they want; the only deposit they leave is a […]

Shower Screen & Railing Repair

Oops somebody ‘slipped in the shower!’ We were called to the riverside Rowing Club to replace the glass shower panel and rail. It appears someone ‘lost their balance’ in there and, in falling, took the glass and frame with them. It would have been comical to watch (only someone’s ego was hurt) but, fortunately for […]

Home Invasion - Door Repair

This time it was apparent that the glass was neither laminated security glass, nor fitted well enough into the door frame. I have written before about ‘the glass only being as secure as its framing’, and this is a classic case. An adhesive film over the ruined glass was never going to be as good […]

Stained Glass

He was small, diminutive even, but had mesmerising eyes. I’d noticed him watching me as I repaired the shop-front window – he was reflected clearly in the glass. It wasn’t till I was almost set to leave that he approached me. “Do you know what it’s really for?” he asked, “What it really is?” Uh […]

Glass Fragments before processing - pic sourced from Wikipedia

How green is glass? When you encounter broken beer bottles on the footpath, park or beach, it is hard to think of glass as a ‘green’, environmentally-friendly product. In its fragmented state we rightly see it as even dangerous. And when a window breaks and someone gets cut from the falling fragments . . . […]