Shop Windows

Damaged Shop WindowSmash and Grab

It seems that the displays in some retail shop windows are just too tempting for some people, and that they have an irresistible urge to ‘shop’ after hours when the shop is clearly closed.

Undeterred, they will smash the window and take what they want; the only deposit they leave is a pile of broken glass spread about the gaping entrance.

These people are clearly a nuisance and a source of great annoyance to shop owners – let alone the insurance companies. However, they represent a significant part of a glazier’s workload so you will appreciate my ambivalence on the matter (as long as no one is hurt). While they often just can’t break through the laminated safety glass and have to give up (as in this one) – the damage is done.

Repaired Shop WindowOne solution is for all shops to have heavy, metal roll-down shutters for the night time (and some do) but these are ugly and give a shopping precinct a squalid look. The other solution is for parents to teach children at home right from the start not to seize other people’s property – better to ask for or pay what is needed when you have enough money. Don’t worry, I know this is only a simplistic answer to a complex problem. But these thoughts do go through my mind as I attend yet another ram raid or smash and grab.


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