Plate Glass Window

The Battle of the Forklift and the 12mm thick Plate Glass Display Window

The smart money was on the forklift’s survival. The die-hard gamblers had their money on the window – a 300Kg monster of a thing – which looked tough; their odds were better. What they didn’t know, though, was that this massive window was neither laminated nor toughened – it was just float glass and nowadays quite unacceptable. A very dangerous window.

Newly Glazed Plate Glass WindowThe forklift won and its driver, quite honestly, was lucky to come away intact. While maneuvering up close he’d nudged it and it shattered into horrendous and dangerous shards.

The replacement window was only 10mm thick, but toughened (breaks into tiny harmless fragments) as per today’s, safer, Australian Standards. It was an equally weighty giant and required ten of us to safely manipulate it into place.

While replacing a window is a basically simple procedure, there is the opportunity for a lot to go wrong with the very big panes and the potential for nasty accidents. With that amount of weight it is critical that it doesn’t get too much of a lean on and start to fall over onto those carrying it. If the pane is damaged in the maneuvering it can easily mean the need for a replacement pane and the whole procedure to be repeated – starting with the glass being ordered, cut to size and tempered (toughened glass cannot be recut once treated).

Window successfully replaced. Forklift driver replaced . . . no, he wasn’t, but he sure as hell is a bit more cautious now.


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