Scissor Lift

Damaged Commercial Window Replacement

Karl - Secure Glass

The recent job at a commercial shopping centre posed a challenge or two. What is probably not appreciated by the general public is that with some, usually large commercial windows, there are two potentially dangerous phases: the removal of the damaged glass (possibly the most dangerous phase) and the lifting and placement into the frame of the new pane.

While the old glass could be of any type, even just plain old plate glass, removing it from its frame presents many an interesting moment – think large jagged shards ready to drop at will, the type that could almost sever your arm completely. Fortunately, we glaziers have protective clothing, but better than that, we instinctively practice a diligent mental pre-run of the glass’ safe removal – just to be sure, to be sure. There is a lot that can go wrong at this stage.

The window replacement pane is typically hefty (and in this recent job 10mm thick laminated) and while robust for safety reasons, can easily break or be damaged in the lifting, carrying and fitting from glazier’s truck to window frame. It is incredibly fragile stuff – though we glaziers, through experience, tend to make it look as though we are handling wall board.

This particular window’s frame, while very big, was also sufficiently high off the ground to be difficult to access. I settled on using a hire Scissor Lift. That in itself was an experience, and I hope nobody was filming it as we tried to manoeuvre it jerkily into place. Still, it was the right choice, giving us the correct platform height to work from and the heavy window was safely replaced. It will have a tint film applied shortly and, typically, few shoppers will know there was ever a problem. Still, you, the reader will, at least, appreciate we glaziers’ efforts . . . Zac


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