Glazier’s Dog

Our Head Glazier with Office Dog JackCompanion, playmate, loyal friend and protector. There’s no creature that can match these attributes better than a dog, and Secure Glass has such a one. While some dogs wait patiently at home for the return of their working master, others, like Glazier’s Dog, ride proudly alongside them in the passenger seat. Their expression is a mixture of joy and possessive adoration, and they manage to present a constant, proprietary-and-aloof bearing which is broken only by the presence of a passing dog of the opposite sex, or by the juvenile pleasure of the rush-and-flow of air through the jowls as they put their head out the open front window. On occasions such as these they quickly lose their dignified composure. Glazier’s Dog is like this. 

It’s a symbiotic relationship; the master is proud too, and will reach over periodically to ruffle the mutt’s mane or idly pat its head. If the site of the job permits – if there is not too much broken glass scattered about and underfoot – Glazier’s Dog will be allowed to stretch its legs, sniff out the territory and leave some strong scented pee just to mark its passing; all the while keeping an eye out for other dogs or humans that may be a threat to the master. A guttural growl usually suffices to let the interloper know that vigilant Glazier’s Dog is in control of security. And should they have growled in error at someone who turns out to be friendly to the master, then a sharp rebuke will be the result and dog humbly retreats to continue surveying the surrounds – and to check out the local canine talent. 

MindyOffice Dog Jack is retired now but he used to be a real gun Glazier’s Dog. He had a job description, and he took it to heart. When he would go out on a job he would help his master glazier at work. First up, he would secure the job-site, ensuring no one entered the risk zone where they may be struck by falling glass fragments as the broken glass was removed. When there was ladder-work, or if the glaziers were working off some scaffolding on a tall window replacement and they needed some specific tool from the truck’s work deck or tool box, Glazier’s Dog Jack would be given a command and would gleefully fetch and drop it at the base of the ladder, wagging his tail manically in undisguised pleasure. Oh yes, he was a clever dog was Jack. Very well trained. Unfortunately, he went deaf and became incontinent, so now he is pampered in the office, where his grunts and growls are given full attention so he can quickly be walked outside to carry out his ablutions. A younger dog, Mindie has taken the glazier’s side in the truck’s cab now. He has none of Jack’s talents – will never learn to fetch a tool on command like Office Dog Jack, but she’s a show-stopper. Beauty over brains. There’s a story in there somewhere . . .  


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