Window Repair Perth


Distant sirens break my train of thought.

The cell phone screeches, bringing me back to earth. We have a Ram Raid on a well known shop in Joondalup. I know what to expect. Usually they reverse-crash in so they don’t have to turn the vehicle around. It makes a helluva mess, but they tend to know what they want and are gone in minutes.

It’s good to be on the move again. I note the bright moonlight. Uh oh, a full moon too! My truck purrs through the quieting streets, briefly lifting the old leaves, dust and litter in my wake. When I roll up outside the scene and handbrake the wagon, the shopfront is a typical scene of devastation. The police are leaving and brief me on the crime. They reckon it’s the usual suspects. “Are you psychic or just optimistic?” I ask. Apparently it doesn’t warrant a reply. No sense of humour. I crunch through the debris, start my clean-up and get the premises boarded up and secured for the night. After giving the shop the final once-over I settle back in the truck and fill out the paperwork. As I cruise off into the silent streets my cell phone screeches again. Another break-and-enter . . . It must be the heat. Or the moon. Anyway, I know what I’d rather be doing.

The next day our team of glaziers finish cleaning up  and re-glaze the shop window. It now looks like new. The demolished Anti Ram Raid posts outside the shop are to be replaced and strengthened.


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